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PALS Volunteer

A PALS' participant and volunteer hanging out together

If you know how to be someone's friend, then you would make a great volunteer with PALS, Providing a Link for a Survivor.

Volunteers provide companionship and socialization to a survivor of brain injury through community outings and social opportunities agreed upon by the volunteer and survivor. This may include getting coffee, going bowling, or going for a walk in a park.

"I feel good about our match up so far! We’ve met 2-3 times for lunch usually every Friday when possible. It’s been great getting to know him!"  --Caroline, PALS Volunteer

Runners lined up on the Roanoke Greenway getting ready to start a 5k


We often have events which we are happy to have participants or volunteers!

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger's logo

Designate us as the charity you would like to support and every time you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Rewards Card, Kroger will make a small donation.

TO SET UP: In your online Kroger account, in the community rewards section, designate "Brain Injury Services of SW VA" (KV268) as the charity you would like to support. You can find more info here.

Give hope, DONATE today


According to 2020 census data, 1 in 30 in Virginia have a disability because of a brain injury. Some causes include traffic accidents, falls, heart attacks, strokes, sports injuries, or illness. While many people receive good care in the hospital, most find once they are home, they lack supporting resources. This is even more true for many who already have limited means.

Survivors of brain injuries often find that they are lost and unsure how to navigate life following their injury. Upon returning home they must relearn how to do everyday activities such as grocery shopping, working, and using a cell phone. Even simply visiting with a friend can be a new challenge.


Fortunately, Brain Injury Solutions (BIS) is here to help turn tragedy into hope! Not only is BIS here to fill the huge need of support during a challenging time, BIS provides this support free of charge for survivors of brain injury and their families.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will go to better serving survivors of brain injury! 

In Person/Mail a Check

3409 Franklin Road

Suite B

Roanoke, VA 24014



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