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PALS participant and volunteer hanging out
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Providing a Link for survivors

Providing A Link for Survivors (PALS): pairs a survivor of brain injury and a volunteer for socialization, recreation and leisure activities, community outings, and an overall supportive relationship.

Do you enjoy good conversation, time spent with others, or sharing an interest with someone new?


If yes ...


contact your Case Manager to discuss a PALS referral.


Come make a new friend!

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About PALS

Volunteers provide companionship and socialization to a survivor of brain injury through community outings, leisure and/or recreational activities, and various social opportunities of their choosing.  

Volunteers are asked to make weekly contact and participate in monthly get-togethers with their assigned survivor.  Scheduling is flexible and training is provided.

Volunteers and survivors engage in a naturally supportive relationship for 12 months.

PALS participant and volunteer at a coffee shop

PALS Participants

"I really like my pal!"

"We should have more programs like PALS, they help!"

PALS Participant

"I have loved having the PALS program.  Over the past year just meeting one new person and it going so well has encouraged me to not be so afraid to meet people.  I was so hesitant at first.  My volunteer...has been amazing to get to know.  We have gone out to eat, and texting gets easier with practice.  It is nice that [we] have things in common, like walking outdoors, and sushi, and coffee, even though we are at different stages in life and different ages.  I am very thankful to BIS for the continued support!"

PALS Participant

"I loved my PAL; she was always so sweet and brought me yarn.  We are even planning a book read along, where we will read a book and discuss it..."
Brain Injury Solutions Butterfly Square.png
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PALS is designed for survivors of brain injury who would like to meet someone new, receive Case Management services with Brain Injury Solutions, who are 18 years of age or older, and can participate in community outings.  

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