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survivors of Brain Injury Art Show

Community Living Connection (CLiC) is a unique online support group with a emphasis on education. A group of CLiC participants recently learned about the benefits of and created their own art. Below are a few samples from those participants along with other works of art all created by survivors of brain injury.

Science shows that art:

- Reduces stress

- Improves focus

- Improves emotional processing skills

- Improves communication skills

- Improves decision making skills and hope for the future

Artwork of mountain landscape
artwork of wizard


"Life Tree"


My tree is pink to represent my brain. Blood cells in the middle for all the blood loss during my wreck, zigzags for my being turned upside down. Yellow and green triangles for sun and plants to represent continuous growth, honeycombs for me trying to put myself and my life back together piece by piece. Lit up Goosefraba sign because it is my life motto now after seeing the movie "Anger Management." My 3 Kibbens - Bojangles (orange), Migi (white), and Kibby (Torti) for them playing a huge role in my mental health. Inside the base of the tree is a road leading to nowhere because I feel so lost like I am going in circles fighting my new reality.

artwork with mountains and big tree "blue ridge mountains virginia"
drawing of ballet foot en pointe
photograph of sunrise at beach



These photos were taken at dawn on Virginia Beach in February of 2023. Waves that used to be painful to listen to are now soothing two years post injury.

Sunrise is when the world is quieter and easier to navigate. It feels like a time when nature hasn't been touched yet.

sunrise at Virginia Beach
artwork of wizard in blue
artwork titled "Pencil Chatter" with three colorful birds standing on a pencil
Artwork "Rise Falls" shows a waterfalls coming from a sun inside a heart


"Rise Falls"


What goes up must come down. Sunrise, sunset. Still water, Waterfall. Chaos, Calmness. Love, Hate. Find the balance you can thrive in.

still-life of three pears in black and white
artwork of mountains with sky
Artwork "Happy Storm" with a pink air balloon at the beach with a storm in the background


"Happy Storm"


Even when you are surrounded by darkness, drowning in constant torment, relentless depression, and fighting against yourself harder than the waves you're drowning in. Frightened, alone in the dark, there's still something bright to anchor onto.


Self reflection of where you were before. The people who love you. Your happy place, your comfort. Inside this shell castle is a road to lead you there.

geometrical artwork without curves, green and yellow
Artwork with a tree that has a waterfalls coming from it with a giant sun in the background
Artwork with trees, an owl, heart, arrows pointing up to words "Wonder Woods"
black and white drawing of lots of faces uniquely interwoven together
artwork of a colorful wizard holding a wand and sunflower
Artwork of happy snowman with purple hat and scarf
artwork with lots of colors drawn horizontally in ridges like mountains
geometric artwork with squares and angles, no curves, purple, green, and white
Artwork with colorful mountains, sun, and grass segmented similar to stained glass
artwork with a monkey smoking and drinking on a stool looking at art "The People Eater Swing' Tour" poster in the background
Artwork of a forest with white trees and a ribbon of hearts in the middle "This is the way, walk in it" poster on a tree
"Anything is possible" artwork on wood
artwork of a truck with a sun on it driving through a countryside with a sun in the background
Artwork of a waterfall coming from a sun inside a heart
artwork of pink, purple, and orange and yellow flowers with texture
butterfly, sun, and clouds on a pillowcase with puffy paint
artwork of a sunflower
artwork with puzzle pieces somewhat together showing different color yarn or thread
artwork of a wizard with stars coming from one hand and an orange flower in the other
black and white drawing of a flower, lily, hanging upside down with it's shadow
"Life is a Journey" with a directional symbol on wood in blue and yellow
artwork of an arrow with various colored leaves coming off of it with "Keep Going" written above and "Never Give Up!" below the arrow
artwork of the word believe in various colors inside a heart with flowers
artwork of birds on a pencil saying "You can do it, you can fly!"
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