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CLiC Participant on computer

Community Living Connection

Community Living Connection (CLiC)  is a unique, online program with all the convenience of never leaving home.  Group participants are empowered to learn about their "new normal" and develop strategies to improve overall wellness.  In addition to brain injury education, goals include building dignity, functional skills, and wellness awareness in survivors of brain injuries.


Groups usually meet once or twice per week for 1 to 2.5 hours and are offered on a regular schedule throughout the year.

All CLiC programs are provided for free to participants!

CLiC Services

Brain Injury Solutions Butterfly

CLic Foundation

Helps survivors of brain injury to build crucial cognitive, social, and community living skills through a cognitive curriculum. 


CLic forward

Provides a holistic approach to long-term wellness. May include mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, expressive writing, music therapy, and other topics along with group discussion related to brain injury.


CLiC Forward is open to survivors and caregivers.


clic care

A monthly support group for survivors of brain injury AND caregivers across Virginia. CLiC Care promotes discussion of all things brain injury and provides information/guest speakers, bonding, resources, and support.

clic community

Partners with a community organization to
bring CLiC to survivors of brain injury in
areas that may not otherwise be able to
participate such as people who are
homeless or incarcerated.



Brain Injury Solutions Butterfly Square.png


  • Support

  • Brain injury education

  • Coping/compensatory strategies

  • Cognitive skill building

  • Goal-setting opportunities

  • Wellness focus

  • Access to classes such as mindfulness, creative writing, music therapy, and others

Online meeting with four participants shown in blocks showing off their artwork

CLiC Participant

"CLiC is very interesting and allows for interaction and support from other brain injury survivors."

Clic Participant

"They are a group of friends I now have. Folks I can count on. CLiC made more of a difference in my attitude and feelings than medications or other counselors. I was in a nasty black hole before CLiC."

CliC Participant

"So wonderful to see I am not alone.”
Brain Injury Solutions Butterfly Square.png
Brain Injury Solutions Butterfly



CLiC is designed for survivors of brain injury and caregivers 18 years of age or older.  Participants should have access and ability to use webcams and the internet independently or with a caregiver. Participants who reside in Virginia are given priority though others are welcome to apply.

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